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Jotbody is specialized in discovering novel sdAb.The out-standing quality, specificity and affinity make our sdAb ideal for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications

Potential of sdAb in Therapy and Diagnosis


Conventional antibody (e.g., monoclonal IgGs) has limitations: high production costs, poor tissue penetration, long serum half-life due to their large sizes (150 kDa) and complex structures, which hinder the widespread use as therapeutics and imaging reagents. 

傳統抗體(例如單克隆IgG)存在生產成本高、組織滲透性差、體積大(150 kDa)和結構複雜導致的血清半衰期長等局限性,阻礙了其作為治療和成像試劑的廣泛應用。 

Single Domain Antibody (sdAb) is the smallest known antigen-binding fragment. The size of sdAb is one-tenth of conventional antibody. In this respect, sdAb holds a plethora of intrinsic advantages: high affinity, recognition of hidden antigenic sites, improved tissue penetration, ability to trespassing the blood brain barrier, better thermal and chemical stability, high solubility, high modularity, large-scale production, and readily re-formatted to be used across many scientific disciplines.

納米抗體(Single Domain Antibody, sdAb)是已知最小的抗原結合片段,其大小是常規抗體的十分之一。此外,納米抗體擁有很多的內在優勢:高親和力,對隱藏抗原位點的識別,高組織穿透能力,突破血腦屏障的能力,更好的熱和化學穩定性,高溶解性,高模組化,易大規模生產,易於改造以應用於不同用途。

Jotbody adopts a cost-effective and short-cycle workflow for the discovery of sdAb from Camel, Alpaca, Llama (VHH) and Shark (VNAR). Through comprehensive technology platforms and service portfolios, our team is best at discovering unique sdAb candidates to satisfy your specific requirements.


Our Discovery Service include:


Animals Immunization (動物免疫)

Immunized sdAb Phage Library (納米抗體免疫庫)

Naïve sdAb Phage Library (納米抗體天然庫)

Every step of our workflow is customizable. Discuss your project with our team to find the best service to advance your project.


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