Featured sdAb Related Services

Discovery Services

Jotbody is committed to providing highly customized comprehensive solutions with the best quality to advance our global clients’ projects. With years of experience and expertise in custom single-domain antibody development and production, Jotbody will support every custom project in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Single-Domain Antibody Engineering

At Jotbody we are committed to providing professional engineering services with the best quality to meet our customers’ requirements.


Jotbody provides services helping customers obtain the sequence information of single-domain antibodies. Sequencing an antibody is vital when obtaining intellectual property rights for your sequence and expands your antibody’s potential with antibody engineering options.

Large-Scale Protein Production

Jotbody provides comprehensive protein expression and production services tailored to meet every client’s requirement.

ELISA Kits Development

Jotbody’s experience in the development of proteins and single-domain antibodies allows for rapid, high-quality development and validation of ELISA assays. We routinely develop and utilize assays for specific analysis needs. Based on our capability and core competency in proteins and antibodies, we can provide first-in-class assay development and standardization for our clients.

Antibody Validation

At Jotbody, our team is dedicated to providing reliable and comprehensive antibody validation to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of your research results, and we pride ourselves on our rigorous antibody validation process.