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Nanobodies, also known as single-domain antibodies, have emerged as a game-changer in the field of biomedical research. Their unique characteristics and versatile applications make them invaluable tools for studying protein interactions, conducting diagnostics, and developing therapeutics.

By claiming your free nanobody samples, you’ll gain firsthand experience of the exceptional properties and capabilities of these tiny yet powerful molecules. Witness their high specificity, stability, and efficient target binding, opening new avenues for your research projects.

A 3D image from the human colon. Red: vimentin JOT0058 detected via JOT1008 (Anti-Camelid VHH Cocktail iFluor 647 conjugated; Green: goblet cells (Dolichos biflorus); Blue: brush borders (Phaseolus vulgaris hemagglutinin); Yellow: conventional mouse anti-aSMA

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