Animals Immunization

Jotbody developed a time-saving and cost-effective professional platforms for the breeding and immunization of camel, llama, alpaca to guarantee sdAb of excellent quality.

We care about Animals


Our first commitment is to ensure that our animals are properly nourished. Our staff is dedicated to providing a comfortable and well-equipped environment that ensures the highest welfare and ethical standards for animal care.


Scientists and staff at Jotbody are highly experienced on immunization of a variety of animals. Their knowledge is indispensable on generating high-quality sdAb since the high titer in the animal blood is the first step to guarantee the success of sdAb isolation.


Our team is ready to discuss with you every step of our workflow from animal immunization to PBMC isolation

Our general workflow includes up to 4 and 7 times of immunization with the antigen of choice for camelids and shark respectively. After the last immunization, our staff collect blood samples from the immunized animals and isolate the peripheral blood mononuclear cells for further analysis. The whole immunization workflow takes 1-2 and 3- 6 months for camelids and shark respectively.


Workflow for camelids immunization


Day ~2, analysing antigen quality and analysis report. 第2日,抗原品質分析和報告

Day ~3, collecting 5 ml of peripheral blood (pre-immunization) and storage of serum. 第3日,收集5ml外周血(免疫前),保存血清。  

Day ~3, 1st immunization. 第3日,第一次免疫

Day ~17, 2nd immunization. 第17日,第二次免疫

Day ~30, collecting 5ml of peripheral blood and storage of serum. 第30日,收集5ml外周血,保存血清。

Day ~30, 3rd immunization. 第30日,第三次免疫

Day ~45, collecting 5 ml of peripheral blood and storage of serum. 第45日,收集5ml外周血,保存血清。

Day ~45, 4th immunization. 第45日,第四次免疫

Day ~50, collecting 50 ml of peripheral blood, storage of serum and PBMC. 第50日,收集5ml外周血,保存血清。

Day ~55, analysis of serum titer and analysis report. 第55日,血清效價分析和輸出報告



The antigen, including proteins, peptides, DNA plasmids, cells, can be provided either by the customer or by Jotbody upon customer request. 抗原包括蛋白質、多肽、DNA質粒、細胞等,可由客戶提供,也可根據客戶要求由Jotbody提供。  

Note: every antigen requires specific guideline. For antigen preparation, ask us for more details. 注:每種抗原都需要專門的指導。 如需製備抗原,請向我們詢問更多細節。  

General requirements for antigen proteins Purity: > 90% purity for protein and > 95% for peptide with length > 12 amino acids. Concentration: >1 mg/mL without toxic components like azide. Amount: 4 mg for 2 camelids, 10 mg for 5 sharks. Low immunogenicity antigen might require additional amount. Shipping: packaging at 4 °C when shipping. 抗原品質要求:蛋白純度>90%,多肽純度>95%且長度大於12個氨基酸。 濃度> 1mg /mL,無疊氮化鈉等有毒成分。 用量:2只駱駝4毫克,5只鯊魚10毫克。 低免疫原性抗原可能需要額外的量。 運輸:低溫(4 °C或≤-20°C)包裝和運輸。  

Every step is customizable