Protein Expression and Production

Jotbody provides a comprehensive protein expression and production services tailored to meet every client’s requirement

Protein expression and purification services: fast and efficient


Jobody has extensive experience in protein, including sdAb, expression and production. We guarantee high quality custom protein services from different expression systems. We offer a complete ‘start to finish’ service from the gene design to the protein purification and validation steps. In addition, we perform, upon request, downstream modifications such as tag addition-removal, endotoxin testing/removal, conjugations, and more. We use well-established conditions throughout the workflow, enabling us to routinely and efficiently obtain high yields of purified proteins in less than 6 weeks.


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  • Plasmid Construction: tell us your target and we will design the plasmid encoding the sdAb. 質粒構建:告訴我們您的靶點,我們將設計編碼納米抗體的質粒.
  • Protein Expression: you can choose among different vectors (E. Coli, Bacillus subtilis, yeast, mammalian cells). 蛋白表達:您可以選擇不同的載體(大腸桿菌,枯草芽孢桿菌,酵母,哺乳動物細胞)
  • High Purity: we offer post-purification and validation services to obtain sdAb of high purity level (>95%). 高純度:我們提供後純化和驗證服務,以獲得更高純度的納米抗體(≥95%.
  • Downstream Modification: you can request additional services including tag-addition and conjugation.下游改造和修飾:您可以要求附加服務,包括標籤添加和標記物偶聯.

Your sdAb may already be available! Tell us your target and we will do the rest! Our protein expression and production services provide you the access to all of the high-quality reagents and technologies available in Jotbody portfolio. Our experienced team of scientists is available to discuss with you the details of the experimental design and to tailor the whole service to meet your needs.