Naïve sdAb Phage Library

Jotbody has developed multiple naïve antibody libraries from camelids and shark that are available for panning your antigen 

Why use Naïve sdAb Phage Library


Naïve sdAb Phage Library is a valid alternative to Immunized sdAb Phage Library, and in light of the short turn-around time, Naïve sdAb Library is by far the most used strategy for the selection of new Ab. Naïve libraries are especially recommended for antigen with low immunogenicity, toxic, lethal, transmissible effects, or nonimmunogenic small molecular compounds.


Currently, Jotbody has the following Naïve sdAb Phage Libraries ready for panning.

Our naïve library (size 1011) is developed from PBMC isolated from 77 healthy, non-immunized camelids.

Naïve Library Screening service includes:


  • analysis of customer-provided antigen (客戶提供的抗原品質分析)
    • 4 rounds of screening (4輪淘選)
  • ELISA testing 192 random clones (192個隨機克隆的ELISA測試)
    • sequencing up to 50 positive clone (50個陽性克隆的測序)

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