Exosome omics

Exosomes play a crucial role in intercellular communication by transferring specific substances like nucleic acids, proteins, and lipids between cells. They are involved in diverse processes such as antigen presentation, tumor development, and nerve cell signaling. Analyzing and detecting exosomes can aid in early disease diagnosis, efficacy evaluation, and prognosis analysis.

At Jotbody, we offer a comprehensive and streamlined exosome omics service to provide a holistic analysis of exosomes. Our services include:

Exosomes – DIA proteomics serviceExosomes isolation + DIA proteomics + Bioinformatics
Exosomes – Label-free proteomics serviceExosomes isolation + Label-free proteomics + Bioinformatics
Exosomes – Phosphoproteomics serviceExosomes isolation + Phosphorylated proteins enrichment + Label-free proteomics + Bioinformatics
Exosomes – DIA proteomics + phosphoproteomics serviceExosomes isolation + Phosphorylated proteins enrichment + DIA proteomics + Label-free phosphoproteomics + Bioinformatics
Other samples – DIA proteomics serviceDIA proteomics + Bioinformatics
Other samples – Label-free proteomics serviceLabel-free proteomics + Bioinformatics
Other samples – Phosphoproteomics service
Phosphorylated proteins enrichment + DIA proteomics + Label-free phosphoproteomics + Bioinformatics

Additional features:

  • Multiple isolation methods available (ultracentrifugation, SEC, immunomagnetic bead-based kits, etc).
  • Professional multidimensional quality control platform for exosomes, including techniques like TEM, Western blot, NTA, endotoxin, and protein level assessment.
  • DIA Proteomics: Direct-DIA, GPF-DIA, and Fractionated DDA-based DIA techniques for increased data coverage and improved quantitative accuracy.
  • Label-free proteomics enables cost-effective and time-efficient comparison of differential proteins across species without the need for expensive labeling reagents, accommodating an unlimited number of samples.
  • Experimental analysis results and reports provided for isolation, quality control, and proteomics services.

Choose the specific service that aligns with your research goals and leverage Jotbody’s expertise in proteomics and bioinformatics to drive your scientific discoveries.