Multispecific nanobody development

Nanobodies cannot only be used alone but also cooperate with other antibodies. At Jotbody we offer custom multispecific nanobody development services in which nanobodies against the same as well as different targets can be designed and engineered into multivalent and multispecific formats with excellent bioactivity and stability. With our extensive experience in nanobody production and engineering, Jotbody can help you achieve even the most challenging design and validation for a unique multispecific nanobody.

Multispecific nanobodies are antibody fragments with multiple binding sites, which can lead to increased binding affinity and specificity to target antigens. They offer several advantages over their monovalent counterparts, including increased avidity, improved therapeutic efficacy, and reduced immunogenicity.

Our multispecific nanobody development service includes the design and construction of multispecific nanobodies using a range of techniques, such as genetic fusion, chemical conjugation, and protein engineering. We optimize the multispecific nanobodies to ensure they have the desired affinity and specificity to the target antigen, as well as optimal stability and activity.

We perform thorough validation of the multispecific nanobodies to ensure they retain their binding specificity and affinity to the target antigen and that they have reduced immunogenicity. Our service is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Contact us today to learn more about our multispecific nanobody service and how we can support your research needs. We look forward to working with you to develop high-quality multispecific nanobodies that meet your specific requirements and enable you to achieve your research goals.