Other services

We also offer a range of other services to support the development and use of nanobodies. For more information about any of these services, please follow the links or get in touch – we’re happy to help!

We offer sequencing services to verify the sequence of nanobodies, ensuring that they match the desired sequence and are free of mutations or other defects. Our sequencing service uses state-of-the-art techniques to provide accurate and reliable results.

Our large-scale protein production service produces high-quality nanobodies in large quantities, optimized for maximum yield and purity.

We offer ELISA kit development services to create customized ELISA kits for the detection and quantification of specific biomolecules.

We offer antibody validation services to ensure that nanobodies have the desired binding specificity and affinity to the target antigen. Our validation methods include ELISA, Western blotting, SPR, IF, IHC, flow cytometry, and other immunoassays, and we work closely with our clients to design validation protocols that meet their specific requirements.

Take advantage of our exosome omics service to unlock the potential of exosomes in your research. We offer a comprehensive and streamlined exosome omics service to provide a holistic analysis of exosomes.